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After reading Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It, I wanted to read everything Maile Meloy has ever written. “Everything” isn’t all that much, though, so even though I’ve had Half in Love on my shelf for a few months now, I took my time reading it. You only get to read a book once for the first time!

I loved this collection, although admittedly not as much as the other. There were individual stories that rank at the top of my all-time list, but also a few that didn’t leave much of an impression on me. The one story that slayed me was “Four Lean Hounds, ca. 1976,” about four people–two couples–who in some ways were actually six couples, we learn after one of the four dies. The story is subtle, so sad, and absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite realizations about it was that Meloy wrote another story about these same people, set years in the future, that I read in the New Yorker.  Read the rest of this entry »